I am an actor, producer, writer and photographer living in Los Angeles. I am constantly creating, whether it’s a voice for an animated character, a pitch for a show, a photograph of something I find intriguing, or a simple blog post.

2014 is all about taking things to the next level. The two pilots I produced caught the interest of a seasoned executive producer, and we are currently working together to hone the concepts to bring them to networks. My video game roster continues to grow with high-profile titles like “Infamous: Second Son,”Bravely Default,” “Final Fantasy Type-0” and “Final Fantasy Agito.” And my animation projects have really been delightful this year: voicing not only Snooki’s but JWOWW’S babies for a series of MTV shorts was so insanely fun; playing the sweet, smart and dry Sue for “Doraemon,” which is airing on Disney X.D. and “Angelo Rules” is gaining attention on CartoonNetwork.com and On Demand.

I also continue to narrate audiobooks, photograph and travel. I visited Taipei and Bali this summer, and I am documenting my trip on my new lifestyle blog, Due For Life.

I can’t wait to see what other characters, projects and opportunities come my way this year. For now, it’s back into the studio I go…


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