Watch ‘Doraemon’ on Disney XD!

“Doraemon” debuted this summer on Disney X.D., and you can hear me in nearly every episode as Sue, the sweet, whip smart and sometimes dry female lead. Doraemon is a robotic cat that travels from the 22nd century to our present day, bringing all sorts of gadgets with him in his pocket. From a pool that turns old things new to special seasoning that makes any meal yummy, he uses the gadgets on the main characters, with varying and always hilarious results. My favorite episode is when all the kids switch body parts. It’s like some sort of twisted cartoon kids version of a Picasso.

Doraemon is a super famous character in Asia, and he’s commonly referred to as “The Asian Mickey Mouse.” So, I hope the show gains popularity here in the U.S.A.! Please DVR it or tune in. Or, check out this episode below: