I’m all over Cartoon Network’s Toonami block!

When Cartoon Network brought back Toonami, its weekend anime programming block, fans rejoiced! As a voice actor who frequently voices anime characters, I was stoked that my work would be available to a wider audience.

Now, I am so humbled to be appearing on back-to-back Toonami shows! First as feisty and honest Leafa in Sword Art Online, which aired from August 2013 through February 2014. Leafa is the female lead for episodes 16 through 25.


Right after the series finale of Sword Art Online, my second Toonami show started airing… Blue Exorcist. You can hear me as the adorable familiar Nee, a plant creature who shoots roots out of his butt when he gets mad. I also appear as Paku, a teenage delivery gal.