“Tiger Lily” gets Audiofile Magazine’s Attention

People often ask me if I “mind” narrating children’s and Young Adult titles. Mind? It’s my favorite genre. The stories are always the perfect mixture of self-discovery, humor and adventure. I read a lot of YA in my spare time, so bringing these titles to life is the perfect fit for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A novel that I narrated, “Tiger Lily” by Jodi Lynn Anderson, was just released by Listening Library. I’m so happy to share that Audiofile Magazine gave it a great review! The novel is told from the point of view of Tinkerbell, and it’s a prequel to Peter Pan. It’s what happens to Peter before Wendy comes into his life and he’s captivated by Tiger Lily, a feral girl from the Sky Eaters tribe.

This is book was amazing, and even though it’s marketed as a YA novel, I think it would appeal to anyone who loves adventure and a tender-hearted love story. I’ve included an excerpt from the audiobook review below. If you need an audiobook for your Labor Day Weekend car trip… definitely consider this one!

“Cassandra Morris pours just the right mixture of curiosity and affection into Tink’s voice as she tells Peter and Tiger Lily’s story. The imaginary world of Neverland is made ever more convincing by Morris’s animated portrayal of the Lost Boys, the mischievous and protective Peter, and the heartrending emotion in Tik Tok’s love for his daughter, Tiger Lily.” Read the full review here. Buy the audiobook here.