Attending the Audies in NYC!

The Audies (or as I like to call them, the Oscars of Audiobooks) were a blast last Thursday. It’s amazing to see how the event, and the industry, have grown so much in just a few years.


My first Audies were at Tavern on the Green in 2005, and while the combined sit down dinner and awards ceremony were lovely (especially that steak), it didn’t give much opportunity for socializing with people who weren’t at your table.


By 2009 the Audies had moved to The New York Historical Society, which is an extremely fitting venue for our awards… after all, we narrators are tasked with recording some of the finest literature of our time! It’s history-in-the-making, folks.

In 2009 the auditorium was only about half-full. There were plenty of empty rows. This year, though… it. was. packed. There wasn’t an open seat in the lower part of the auditorium, so people were even filling the seats on the balcony. There were tons of new faces amid the familiar old ones, and I spent the evening running from one circle of people to the next… and of course, trying to grab as many doughnut desserts off the waiter’s trays as possible. Yum.

Congratulations to all the nominees, winners, and to everyone who is part of this growing industry. I feel lucky to be able to call some of the most talented actors, producers, publishers and engineers my coworkers. See you in the studio!