Burping for Nickelodeon

We all have “special” talents that our parents discouraged us from sharing with the rest of the world. Mine happens to be burping. “How does such a large. guttural sound come out of a girl so small?” “What was that?” and “Was that YOU?” are just some of the comments my belching has inspired. Recently, though, my gas inspired a new phrase: YOU’RE HIRED!

Nickelodeon tapped me to record four promo spots for their afternoon programming block. I can be heard in between SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents, Rocket Monkeys and Wendell and Vinnie as a sweet little  girl who slurps her soda and then belches. Sometimes I’m burping the names of the shows, others I’m just letting it rip. It’s one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever recorded. Excuse me!