A Doll I Voiced is on Shelves Now!

See that cute little pink round lady with the wing-shaped ears? That’s a Fijit Friend named Serafina, and if you talk to her, you will hear my voice talking back (with a ton of adorable autotune). I voiced this doll last year for Mattel, and I am so proud to announce that it’s finally available in stores. Serafina will talk to you, tell you jokes, sing and even play music and dance. Check out the website to hear some samples. It’s pretty awesome, and I know that I would’ve wanted one when I was a kid!

As soon as I heard that Fijit Friends were out on the shelves, I ran to Target to gaze at them in all their glory. I had to visit three stores before I finally found one that carried Serafina (there are three other Fijits, and not every store stocks them all). The sales associate looked at me like I was the one with wing-shaped ears when I announced loudly that I had been waiting for months for this toy to come out.

I’m hoping this toy will obtain Tickle-Me-Elmo status come Christmas. With the new technology it’s touting, I think it’s possible!